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Defeat other players to get to point 1, earn ladders and dynamite when looking for other players. Headshots will bring you more loot. Build a ladder to get to the hill. Throw dynamite to destroy everything! Grow trees to loot the stairs.


W: go forward S: return A: left D: right SPACE: jump LEFT CLICK: fire RIGHT CLICK: area TAB: Open Inventory 1,2,3,4,5: replace item


You will be born with a sniper, pickaxe, 1 dynamite and 20 ladders. Your goal is to hide as quickly as possible so that other players do not notice you and shoot you. You have 2 options: use a pickaxe to dig and hide the ground, or build a ladder to get to the high ground. If you are using option 1, switch to dig with the numeric keyboard shortcut, or press the Tab key and click to dig to open your inventory. As soon as you pick it up, aim and shoot the blocks around you to destroy them and dig a nice hole or tunnel, but don't dig too much or you will fall under the water! If you choose option 2, use the numeric keyboard shortcut, or press the TAB key and click the stairs to open your inventory. Once in your hands, here's a trick to quickly build a beautiful staircase: Aim a little while holding down the LEFT-CLICK and SPACE keys, which will allow you to quickly and smoothly build and climb stairs at the same time, just like in Fortnite. ... When you reach a high spot, head back to your sniper and shoot the players for points and loot.


Some players really like it, just do your first kill to get some dynamite and start shooting dynamite at everyone around you, every kill you get will give you more dynamite, etc. But make sure you don't miss your targets otherwise the explosives will run out too quickly! Try aiming directly at other players to blow them up and double your loot! Build stairs to climb to a higher level and better see the map, pull dynamite wherever you can see the player hiding.


  • Sniper bullets are bullets for the duration of the flight, keep this in mind if you are shooting from a far.¬†Throwing a ladder at other players will damage them.
  • Hold SPACE to climb grates / stairs very quickly and smoothly
  • Hit players in the chest or head for more damage
  • Headshot to get more loot
  • In some buildings you can climb stairs (keep the SPACEBAR)
  • The server will restart every few hours if the map is too chaotic / destroyed.
  • Falling won't hurt you



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