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How to play Diggerz.io   In Diggerz.io, everyone spawns with a pickaxe, mortar, and blade – so you have something to defend yourself from the beginning. Use your pickaxe to dig tunnels, find loot, and sneak up on your opponents! Look out for rare loot too. Your mortar will destroy blocks while inflicting damage on other players. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can build your own defenses using blocks to keep enemies at bay. When you kill your opponents, they don’t drop loot. Instead, they drop a coin that can be used in the shop to buy weapons, clothes, pets and other gear. To ensure your progress is saved, sign up with your email address.   Game modes   There are two primary game modes in Diggerz.io. The main game mode is battle royale, which is a survival-based mode with a map that gets smaller, forcing players closer together for an intense battle. If you just want to play peacefully and do some digging, you can play dig + trade to mine for rare items. If you want to fight in dig + trade, you can propose a fight to the desired opponent.   Character customization   The shop is where you buy cosmetic items to customize your character. There’s a range of items to customize your appearance, from stylish wigs to colorful weapons and cute pets! The more opponents you defeat, the more coins you’ll earn to use in the shop.   Features   Destroy and build blocks Customize your character’s appearance Battle royale game mode Side-scrolling perspective



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