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GAME INFO is a 2D top-down battle royale game, released in 2017 by Yendis Entertainment   Each match has a maximum of 60 players and takes place in a forested setting, where the main landmarks are an abandoned small town at the road intersection, and a nearby military base. There's a 20-second "grace period" at the start of each match, where players cannot yet melee each other or discharge their guns, and so are allowed to loot in relative peace. Afterwards, it's open season for everyone, as the red zone rapidly begins to shrink.   There's a decent arsenal of melee and ranged weapons, and even the weaker ones can still kill players really quickly, so dodging and avoiding getting hit is a must. The obvious power of ranged weapons is balanced by their limited ammo, with LMG being particularly likely to run out in the middle of the firefight for careless players. Each player can also carry a maximum of two weapons if they haven't found a backpack, and three weapons if they did. However, they are likely to reserve one of these slots for a healing syringe, as there's no other way to recover health in the game. is also the first browser-based battle royale that features driveable vehicles. Cars and motorbikes can traverse the entire map in seconds, and are easily capable of running the other players over. However, drivers may also end up accidentally getting into the toxic red fog, or find themselves forced to execute a tight turn that leaves them a predictable target for the other players.



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