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GAME INFO is an epic area control game. Work together with your team to ensure that you guys tag the city with the most paint of your color. The battle isn't over until your color dominates. If you're pink you're gonna wanna see a map full of pink. Don't be shy,  if you want to win this one you're going to have to go over your opponent's colors. The game is full of power-ups and upgrades which allow you to move faster, cover more area, and knock your opponents into oblivion. If you wanna win you're gonna have to move fast and play rough. Body-check the competition and go Picasso all over their spinning corpse. Upgrade your paint roller to be massive and steamroll the other team as you roll your way to victory.   This is a rough game and it'll be won by inches. If you wanna win you're gonna have to become the grid-iron Banksy. A take no prisoners style of full-contact graffiti is the only way you can win this one. Don't let your team down, they are counting on you, they need you! Simply use your mouse to direct your player. Spray the arena more than the other team and you'll be the victor.



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