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GAME INFO is another great io game similar to Slither, but instead of playing as a snake, you play as a glow worm type character and kick people out, leaving footprints instead of your body. The great thing about Limax is that size does not guarantee that humans are stronger, even the smallest players can beat the top scorers with tactical play!   HOW TO PLAY You start out as a small glowing worm in the world of Limax and eat food discarded by players or food spheres that spawn naturally on the map to gain mass and become a large worm. As you grow in size, score points, your ultimate goal is to take the top spot on the leaderboard and make sure people don't ruin your worm skills! To kill another player in this game, your buff trail must be attached to his head, because only your trail can kill, which means it is safe to pass through the bodies of other players, which allows for great games.



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