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Oceanar.io - conquer the deep seas! Oceanar.io is a very challenging and highly addicting game from the .io games series. Take control of the queenfish and swim through the vast and dangerous ocean, consuming everything smaller than you. The more you eat, the more you grow and the bigger, meaner things you can consume!   Control your fish army in this unique io game   Start with a single queen fish and build up your army of deadly sea creatures. Use the left mouse button to send your fish to attack a particular spot. To move, simply move your mouse and the fish will follow. In this multiplayer game, there are different types of creatures such as soldier fish, and pufferfish that expand to form a barrier. Collect the neutral fish and bring them into your army. Also, watch out for jellyfish as they will attack your army and destroy your units.   Extreme underwater multiplayer action   The best part about this game is the fighting. To destroy your opponents, you must swim towards them and propel your fish army forward to meet theirs in battle. The fighting is intense! Remember that if you go straight for the enemy queenfish, you can end the battle quickly without taking too many losses. Once you have defeated an enemy queenfish, you can capture their neutral army and turn the fish to your cause! Try Oceanar.io today and start your underwater campaign of destruction!



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