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Yoyowars.io is a multiplayer battle io game where you need to kill the enemies with your own yo-yo. Prepare your yo-yo! Throw it into the enemies! Got the points! Grow up! You'll have to dodge enemies as you acquire power pellets in order to charge your super power and take on opposing players. Dodge enemies, stalk victims, and unleash the fury of your swirling yo-yo with the ferocity of a thousand suns! Do you have what it takes to take on other players just like you from around the world? Yoyowars.io is not just about cutting down wave after wave of brain dead A.I, oh no, in this game you'll be going toe to toe with actual real players in real time.   Welcome to a new dynamic io game called Yoyowars.io!   You starts as a small cell in a random position. With picking up the rainbow circles and killing the enemies you get the points.   And if you have got enough points, you will grow up with a new level.   Each level increase your and your yo-yo size. Also you will increase your yo-yo attack range, but you will decrease your moving speed with leveling up.  



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